Xbox on Finance

Looking to buy the Xbox One or Xbox 360 on finance? We might be able to help! We’ve compared dozens of the UK’s top electronic retailers to find those that offer the best credit plans. The majority of these stores boast spread the cost payment plans where you can pay monthly or weekly, whilst a few also provide buy now and pay later options for those who don’t want to pay anything for up to 12 months!

About the Xbox One
The Xbox One is an all-inclusive entertainment system. It is a set-box where the best games, multiplayer modes, sports, movies, music and live TV come together. By continuously adding a variety of features, capabilities and content, the Xbox One has now become the ultimate gaming console.

Updates from the Xbox One occur in the background while you enjoy your favourite game. Players can also sign in to any Xbox One to view their home screen and play digital games. In addition, the digital profile, content and saves go where the player goes. In simple terms, the Xbox One was created by gamers, for gamers.

Credit Options
Paying monthly on a new Xbox One can be a great way to spread the cost as it allows you to make the purchase seem so much more affordable. However, it is important to watch out for interest rates as many stores will charge high APR’s on monthly or weekly payment plans.

Buying now and paying nothing for 6-12 months is another option that provides a good option for those who are currently strapped for cash. A number of retailers offer an interest free period with this type of finance too.

Credit Checks
For those with a bad credit history you may be looking for a store that doesn’t credit check you. There aren’t many out there but there are a few catalogues and stores that have much more lenient credit checks than credit card companies.

Benefits & Negatives
As with any finance plan there are always pros and cons. The advantages tend to be pretty obvious; you get what you want immediately and pay for it in small sums. The negatives however can be a little harder to spot if you’re in a rush. Interest rates are the obvious drawback and it’s important to check the full amount you’ll be paying once you’ve finished your repayments. You may be surprised as to how much it actually amounts to. The initial price is also usually quite a bit higher than the normal retail price. Missed payments can also result in fees as well as a negative mark against your credit score.