Top 5 Accessories for the Xbox One

The Xbox One has finally proven itself after a shaky start and there is plenty to love in the new start screens, features, controller and, most importantly, the games. The console and the many bundles that will be hitting the shelves in the run up to Christmas will be very tempting but to get the full Xbox One experience you will need some accessories. Here are the top 5 accessories for the Xbox One right now.

#5 – Xbox One Wireless Controller
This is not the number one gadget of all the accessories on the market but it is one of the first to get because even though all legitimate Xbox One bundles come with one controller, one is not enough for those FIFA 15 tournaments and the other multiplayer games you may add to your Christmas wish list.

#4 – eforCity Black Skin Silicone Case
While on the subject of controllers, this interesting little idea is something that really depends on personal preferences but could be a nice, cheap gift for that certain someone that can’t stand when you get so much as a fingerprint on their controller. These silicone protective sleeves come in singles or two packs.

#3 – Xbox One Play & Charge Kit
Third on the list is a charging kit, an accessory that is an absolute godsend because of one of the major flaws with the Xbox One – it all grinds to a halt once the batteries die. This rechargeable pack not only saves on the high costs of batteries, it has a wire that means you can charge as you play (meaning you do not have to stop in the middle of an important mission) and recharges fully in just 4 hours.

#2 – Xbox One Chat Communicator Kit
This is arguably less of a must have item depending on your style of play but it will be crucial for many online multiplayers that need to give orders to their team, strategies, celebrate successes with fellow victors and taunt the opposition. The headset itself is much more minimal than the old 360 version but the main advantage is the piece that plugs into the controller to provide simple volume controls.

#1 – Nyko Smart Clip
At the top spot is something that is not as practical or immediately desirable as something like a second controller or a headset but has to be number one because it is such a genius idea. Xbox One is all about multifunctionally, multimedia and multiple screens and this is seen in the use of extra content via smartphones, such as in Dead Rising 3. This simple clip makes using the phone during game play so much easier and basically turns it into an extension of the controller.